ADD5100 Dual Reader Interface

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  • V6FL7820-8CA10
  • 4025515475071
Produkt information "ADD5100 Dual Reader Interface"
The ADD5100 provides an interface between a card reader and the advanced central controller (AC5102 or AC5200) for up to two card readers. When a cardholder presents an access card at an entry or exit reader the ADD5100 reader interface interprets the encoded information and sends this data to the controller. The controller then checks the validity of the cardholder‚ and if the appropriate permissions have been assigned‚ the controller sends a message back to the reader interface allowing it to unlock the door and provide passage. It can also report the status of the door (locked or unlocked) at any time.
Bruttovægt (KG) 0.34
Købs Enhed PCE
EAN/UPC-Kode: 4025515475071
mindste bestilling 1
Materialekode V6FL7820-8CA10
Oprindelsesland HU
Nettovægt 0.318
Statistisk kode 84733020
Interfaces: FLN connection to central controller: RS485 Connection to readers: RS485 bus for max 2 CerPass readers or 2 Clock & Data / Wiegand ports
Dimensions (W x H x D): 125 x 125 x 34 mm
Weight: 0.3 kg
Interface: FLN connection to controller: RS485 To readers: One RS485 bus for up to two RS485 readers CerPass protocol) OR two Wiegand/Clock&Data ports
Approval: CE‚ UL294‚ C-Tick
Indicators: Power‚ Activity‚ Communication
Firmware: Flash upgradeable
Tamper switch: Optional‚ auxiliary input
Inputs: 1 x REX-button 1 x Door contact 3 x Auxiliary All inputs unsupervised or supervised
Power consumption: 25 W
Power output: Reader: 300 mA Ancillary: 1 A
Operating voltage: 24 VDC ±20 %
Outputs: 1 x Lock output relay (30 VDC‚ 2 A)1 x Auxiliary relay (30 VDC‚ 2 A)
PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector
PDM-I18  PIR detector PDM-I18 PIR detector
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