MFI -SiPass Multi-Function Interface

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  • V54502-C164-A100
  • 7330082006519
Produkt information "MFI -SiPass Multi-Function Interface"
The MFI is a Multi-Function Interface module that can be configured as reader interface or IO (input and output) module. It provides an interface between an (ACC AP) and up to eight OSDP readers and four doors.
Bruttovægt (KG) 0.75
Købs Enhed PCE
EAN/UPC-Kode: 7330082006519
mindste bestilling 1
Materialekode V54502-C164-A100
Statistisk kode 85311030
Nettovægt 0.650
Oprindelsesland RO
Colour: White
Operating temperature: - 40 C ~ +55 C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 239 × 156 × 53 (mm)
Power output: 12V DC, max 500mA protected by firmware controlled e-fuse Can be used to connect readers or any other load, but restricted to 500mA overall current output. 24V DC, max 1500mA protected by firmware controlled e-fuse Can be used to connect readers or any...
Tamper contact: Opening tamper switch and removal tamper switch
Relay outputs: 8 relay outputs, max 30 V DC , 2A
Power consumption: 116 mA @ 24V DC: No relays activated, and no inputs connected to MFI. 183 mA @ 24V DC: All relays active, inputs double balanced. 193 mA @ 24V DC: All relays active, inputs current loop
Outputs: 3 Open Collector Outputs, Max load 0.5A
Inputs: Up to 8 Monitored inputs are used for Door position sensor inputs and REX inputs with MFI configured in Door Controller mode. These 8 inputs can be used as general input points with MFI configured in input-output controller mode.
Connectors: Supports maximum up to 8 OSDP Readers with OSDP V1 and OSDP V2 encryption.
Communication protocol: FLN Field Level Network
Weight: 0.630 kg
Environmental class: II
Power supply: 20 ~ 29 V DC, 1Vpp Ripple
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