ES470 Shock and Vibration Sensor

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  • V54543-Z109-A100
  • 7330082005901
Product information "ES470 Shock and Vibration Sensor"
The ES470 is a vibration/shock sensor that offers reliable monitoring for three different types of attack. (I) An integration channel for weak attack signals over a long duration (II) A counter channel that monitors the amount of stronger signals (III) A gross attack channel for a very strong signal The ES470 connects direct to a standard detection zone and does not require a dedicated interface unit. The ES470 has a detection radius of up to 3m and numerous European approvals. The ES470 has independent outputs for alarm <(>&<)> tamper and a sensitivity adjustment for precise monitoring.
Gross weight (KG) 0.031
Purchase unit PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 7330082005901
Minimum order 1
Net weight 0.022
Material code V54543-Z109-A100
Statistical code 85311030
Country of origin PL
Operating voltage: 8 - 15Vdc
Operating temperature: -40C to +55C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 23 x 20 x 80mm
Approval: EN50131-2-8 Grade 3
Tamper protection: Lid & removal
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