TKU16-4M Bolt switch contact. 4m

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  • NDE6:9901650013
  • 4025515476337
Product information "TKU16-4M Bolt switch contact. 4m"
Electromechanical contact with dust and waterproof microswitch for monitoring closing of doors and windows with 4 meter (4M) connection cable. It is installed in the door frame and actuated by the lock bolt when the door shuts. The contact can be adapted to different bolt shapes by deforming the control lever.
Gross weight (KG) 0.08
Purchase unit PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 4025515476337
Minimum order 1
Net weight 0.076
Material code NDE6:9901650013
Country of origin DE
Statistical code 85311095
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +65 °C
Housing protection: Stainless steel, PA 6.6, PE soft
Housing material: IP50 (IP67 switch cover)
Current: 1 mA ~ 2 A
Approval: VdS geprüft, Klasse C, Nr.: G 186105 VSÖ geprüft, Klasse WS, Nr.: W 021014/15
Voltage: max. 30 VDC
PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector
MK 48 S G3 MK 48 S G3
ND100  Panic button ND100 Panic button
1520-VR20K 1520-VR20K
1520-VR50K 1520-VR50K
MK 48 S G3 MK 48 S G3