WRT-4+ Long Range Transmitter

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  • N54504-Z124-A100
Produktinformasjon "WRT-4+ Long Range Transmitter"
The WRT-4T is a 4 button Transmitter used with the WRR-44 long range reader. Based upon proven contactless digital ultra high frequency (UHF) technology, the Ranger Receivers interface with a wide range of electronic access control systems by complying with the Wiegand communication protocol. Additionally, the WRT-4T Transmitters are active devices, powered by the most reliable and common battery, and equipped with a potted proximity or contactless smartcard module. The modules can be ordered to support several proximity reader technologies and allow the Transmitter to be used as a close-range credential.
Bruttovekt (KG) 0.326
Kjøp enhet PCE
Mindestabnahme 1
Opprinnelsesland US
Netto vekt 0.280
Materialkode N54504-Z124-A100
Statistisk kode 84716070
Operating temperature: –40° C to +50°C
Dimensions (L x W x H): 37mm x 64mm x 14mm
Weight: 0.03kg
Battery: Replaceable CR2032, 3.3V
Housing material: Polycarbonate w/ ABS Buttons
Operating temperature range: –40° C to +50°C
Interfaces: Wiegand (26-bit)
Interface: Wiegand (26-bit)
LED Indicators: yes
Housing protection: IP65
ACTpro Software ACTpro Software
IRRM 3  Relay card IRRM 3 Relay card
IRRM 2  Relay card IRRM 2 Relay card
OPC server MP2.8 + OPC server MP2.8 +
MK 48 S G3 MK 48 S G3