DALM3000VB Alarm transmitter with GPRS

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  • N54506-Z102-A100
Produktinformasjon "DALM3000VB Alarm transmitter with GPRS"
DALM3000VB is used for alarm transmission over the Internet or GPRS. Primarily a fixed internet connection is used and secondarily GPRS. The transmitter can be connected to RBE1 port B with the supplied cable. Dialing settings are set via the Omnis software. When the DALM3000VB is connected to RBE1 the protocols SIA II, Robofon, LA100, and P100 are available (Note that this requires 2010 4.1 SP7 software or higher). DALM3000VB uses the protocol SOS Access V4 (encrypted or unencrypted) for alarm transmission. It can also transmit alarm messages via SMS and email.
Bruttovekt (KG) 0.45
Kjøp enhet PCE
Mindestabnahme 1
Materialkode N54506-Z102-A100
Netto vekt 0.280
Statistisk kode 85311030
Opprinnelsesland SE
Dimensions (W x H x D): 160 x 230 x 50 (mm)
Interfaces: TCP/IP over Ethernet and/or 2G, 3G, 4G
Protocols: SIA, SIA Hex, Contact ID, Robofon, SOS ACCESS V4
Current consumption: 13,7V DC: ca 210mA 27,2 VDC: ca 105mA (Double transmission paths)
Operating voltage: 13,7 VDC / 27,2 VDC
Approval: Grade 2-4 SSF114
Weight: 0.450 kg