GB-5700-6 Glassbreak detector,6m,lam

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  • V54535-F103-A200
  • 4025515478492
Product information "GB-5700-6 Glassbreak detector,6m,lam"
The glassbreak-detector is specially developed for working on laminated glass area within a radius of 2 m under surveillance. The glass break detector must be pasted at the pane of glass with glueset from LOCTITE (Accessories). Attention: Glueset differs from the glue dedicated to GB-5100 and GB-5300 Because the glass-surface is not plane, a surveillance of structure-glass is not possible. Also it is not allowed to use the glassbreak-detector on wired glass, because the wire netting is damping the mechanical oscillations. The detectors can be used in combination with the interface unit, GB-5000-IN, in bigger installations where you have to consider power consumption. It is possible to connect up to 20 detectors to one interface unit. Secondary Packaging: 25 Units