AC5102 Advanced central controller

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  • V54507-C22-A1
  • 4025515474012
Produktinformation "AC5102 Advanced central controller"
The AC5102 advanced central controller can be programmed with up to 500‚000 cardholders and up to 96 doors. It has been specially designed for maximum flexibility‚ and provides six separate field level network (FLN) channels. Each FLN is capable of hosting up to 16 local devices for access control‚ monitoring input devices or controlling output devices. The AC5102 also has a diagnostic port that provides a direct connection to its micro-processor to facilitate the download of operating instructions (firmware). Firmware updates can be made without having to visit the controller cabinets. Communication to the host system occurs via a 10/100Mb Ethernet connection. This allows communications over any WAN or LAN where devices on the network can be assigned a unique IP address. This type of communication ensures the fastest possible transaction times between the host system and AC5102 field panels. The AC5102 hosts a tamper input that can be used to detect if the cabinet in which it has been mounted has been opened. It also provides an alarm output that can operate a visual or audio alarm when security has been breached.
Bruttovikt (KG) 1.22
Mängdenhet PCE
EAN/UPC-Kod: 4025515474012
Minsta orderantal 1
Ursprungsland PH
Statistisk kod 84715000
Nettovikt 1.140
Material code V54507-C22-A1
Miljö: Indoor use only
Antal dörrar: 96
Kortkapacitet: 500‚000
Indikeringar: Power‚ Active‚ Error‚ COM‚ USB‚ SDCard‚ 4 x Ethernet
LCD Display: None
Knappsats: None
Sabotagekontakt: Optional
Kapsling: Steel
Larmingång: 1 x Tamper input‚ 1 x Power fail input
Färg: Grey and blue
Godkännande: CE‚ UL294‚ C-Tick‚ FCC
Gränssnitt: 6x interfacce di campo (FLN, Field level network): - FLN 1: RS232 (porta modem) o RS422 / RS485 - FLN 2,3: RS232 / RS422 / RS485 - FLN 4‚5‚6: solo RS485 1x RS232 (RxD/TxD/GND, RJ12) 2x LAN: 10/100 MB Ethernet (RJ45) 1x USB 1x USB-PC
Kapslingmaterial: Acciaio
Arbetstemperatur: 0 to +50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 124 x 220 x 54 (mm)
Larmutgång: 1 x Alarm output (optical relay‚ max. 12 V‚ 100 mA)
Strömförbrukning: Max. 10 W (fully loaded)
Driftspänning : 12/24 VDC (-10 / +15%)
Övriga komponenter: ACK5110 cable for modem connection
Gränssnitt: 6 x Field level network (FLN): - FLN 1: RS232 (modem port) or RS422 / RS485 - FLN 2 & 3: RS232 / RS422 / RS485 - FLN 4‚5‚6: RS485 only 1 x RS232 (RxD‚ TxD‚ GND‚ RJ12) 2 x LAN: RJ45 (10/100 MB Ethernet) 1 x USB 1 x USB-PC
Vikt: 0.990 kg
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