GMSW7 SensTool-SW - GM730/760/775

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  • VA5Q00006246
  • 4025515469544
Product information "GMSW7 SensTool-SW - GM730/760/775"
The SensTool configuration software is a PC based program for the selection and setting of operating parameters as well as the display and analysis of event data. It is offered complete with interconnection lead, which can be used to program Senstec® seismic detectors beforehand or directly on site. SensTool provides visual imaging of structure-borne sounds derived from mechanical or thermal attack tools and immediately displays the type of the detected alarm. SensTool is a PC based software program offering the following functions for the Vanderbilt seismic detector types GM730, GM760, GM775: - Setting the operating parameters. - Guidance on the permitted detector settings. - Analysis of the detector data. - Display of event data from seismic detectors. - Upload and download of detector data via RS232 port and associated PC lead. - Storage and display of seismic configuration data, signal data and historical event data.
Gross weight (KG) 0.134
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EAN/UPC-Code: 4025515469544
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Material code VA5Q00006246
Country of origin PH
Approval: NFA2P 3 boucliers N° 273034-06
Weight: 0.128 kg
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PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector