PDM-E-IXD18T E-Bus Dual AM detector

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  • V54531-F131-A100
  • 4025515470359
Tuotetiedot "PDM-E-IXD18T E-Bus Dual AM detector"
The PDM-E-IXD18T E-BUS Dual motion detector offers reliable detection of intruders and high false alarm immunity. Its performance is based on an improved version of Vanderbilt`s Matchtec algorithm, which combines passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) channels to make extraordinarily accurate decisions on motion within their detection zone. Intelligent processing routines analyse the relative strength of the IR and MW signals received from a moving object in order to make sound decisions. It is even possible to use multiple detectors in close proximity to each other, since the algorithm reduces interference between the MW modules. This increases flexibility in selecting the installation site. For added peace of mind, the PDM-E-IXD18T is offering an integrated anti-masking technology (monitoring against covering). All MAGIC BUS models are designed as addressable detectors on the E-BUS communication interface - a 2-wire serial BUS with multi-master properties. This dramatically reduces wiring, installation equipment and labor costs, while providing benefits of remote services. Each MAGIC BUS detector also includes an additional zone input for convenient connection of an additional external device, saving time and effort of having to wire back to the panel.
Gross weight (KG) 0.17
Osta yksikkö PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 4025515470359
Mindestabnahme 1
Statistical code 85311030
Country of origin RO
Net weight 0.162
Material code V54531-F131-A100
Control input: Programmierbar
Sensitivity evaluation mode: 6 unterschiedliche Detektions-Empfindlichkeiten einstellbar
Microwave (MW): 9.35 GHz
Weight: 0.12 kg
Walking speed: 0.1 ~ 4 m/s
Supply voltage: via E-Bus; 9 ... 16 VDC
Output current: 2 x 0.12 A
Outputs: Ausgang 1: S/U Signal für internen Melder Ausgang 2: Gehtest für intenen Melder Ansonsten frei programmierbar.
Optical system: MAGIC mirror
Detection characteristics / range: Weitwinkel / 18 m
Approval: EN50131-2-4 Grade 3 VdS Klasse C, G 115004 (Volumen) G 115006 (Vorhang) VSÖ-Klasse WS (beantragt) WS xxxxxxxxx (Volumen) WS xxxxxxxxx (Vorhang)
Current consumption: 5,1 mA 7,1 mA (mit 2x 4k7 EOL Beschaltung)
Inputs: Eingang 1: 1 o. 2 Widerstände, 4.7 kΩ, NO, NC und Glassbruchmelder Eingang 2: 1 o. 2 Widerstände, 4.7 kΩ, NO, NC Eingang 3: 2 Widerstände 4.7 kΩ. Alarm und Sabotage für den internen Melder. Eingang 4: unbenutzt
Air humidity (EN 60721): <95% RH, nicht betauend
Housing protection (EN 60529): IP41 / IK02
Operating temperature: -10 ~ +55 °C
Storage temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 64 x 147 x 35 (mm)
SPCA210+VR50 SPCA210+VR50
PDM-I18  PIR detector PDM-I18 PIR detector
IRRM 3  Relay card IRRM 3 Relay card