GMXW0 - Wall/Ceiling recess box - GM7xx

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  • V54534-H100-A100
Produkt information "GMXW0 - Wall/Ceiling recess box - GM7xx"
The GMXW0 is a mounting kit including a polystyrene mould that sits in the unset concrete. The polystyrene mould is mounted on a metal back plate with tapped mounting holes for the GM7xx seismic detectors. Once the concrete is set, the polystyrene can be carefully removed to expose a recess box. It offers sufficient space to install a GM7xx detector in the wall or the ceiling and provides access for cables via conduit to and from the detector.
Bruttovægt (KG) 1.158
Købs Enhed PCE
mindste bestilling 1
Materialekode V54534-H100-A100
Nettovægt 1.100
Statistisk kode 85311030
Oprindelsesland PL
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