AC5200 SiPass integrated ACC-Lite

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  • V54507-C5-A1
  • 4025515474005
Produktinformation "AC5200 SiPass integrated ACC-Lite"
The AC5200 is a smaller version of Vanderbilt’ high-performance IP-based advanced central controller models (AC5100 and AC5102). It can manage up to 40‚000 cardholders. The ACC-Lite has been specially designed to provide a low-cost alternative for smaller or branch installations. It provides one field level network (FLN) channel which is capable of hosting up to 8 doors for access control, monitoring input devices or controlling output devices. Firmware can be easily downloaded or updated via TCP/IP connection without having to visit the controller cabinets. Communication with the host system occurs via a two-port Ethernet switch which provides 10/100Mb LAN connection. This makes it possible to “daisy chain” controllers. TCP/IP communication ensures the fastest possible transaction times between the host system and the field panels. In case of power failure the database on the ACC-Lite is protected in battery-backed memory. This maintains the integrity of the access control data and ensures that the ACC-Lite is back online as soon as power is restored.
Bruttovikt (KG) 0.98
Mängdenhet PCE
EAN/UPC-Kod: 4025515474005
Minsta orderantal 1
Ursprungsland PH
ECCN 5A992
Statistisk kod 84715000
Nettovikt 0.931
Material code V54507-C5-A1
Kapsling: Plastic housing for wall mounting
Strömförbrukning: 24 W
Antal dörrar: Eight
Kortkapacitet: 40,000
LCD Display: Alphanumeric
Knappsats: 4 x 4 matrix
Sabotagekontakt: Integrated
Vikt: 0.70 kg
Gränssnitt: Communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, TC/IP for LAN/WAN - RJ45: 2 x Points, 10/100 MB Ethernet (Switched) - RS485: FLN interface, two-wire, max. eight devices per FLN bus. - RS232 modem communications
Godkännande: CE, C-Tick
Gränssnitt: Interfacce di comunicazione: RS232, RS485, LAN/WAN TCP/IP - TCP/IP (RJ45): 2x punti, Ethernet 10/100 MB (Switched) - RS485: interfaccia FLN , due fili, max. 8 dispositivi. - RS232: comunicazione modem
Kapslingmaterial: Contenitore in plastica per montaggio a parete
Arbetstemperatur: 0 ~ +50 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D): 248 x 182 x 66 (mm)
Strömförbrukning: 100 mA @24V DC 200 mA @12V DC
Miljö: Indoor use only
Färg: White
Driftspänning : 8 ~ 40 VDC‚ 8 ~ 30 VAC
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