ACC-APM-2420 Contr. IP SiPass PSU 24V 2A

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  • V54502-C163-A100
  • 7330082004966
Informazione prodotto "ACC-APM-2420 Contr. IP SiPass PSU 24V 2A"
The ACC-APM-2420 IP Door Controller with metal housing and 24V 2A Power Supply Unit (PSU) is ideal when, complete, easy-to-use door control is required. The ACC-APM-2420 has the full attributes offered by the ACC-AP IP Door Controller but in addition offers metal housing with space for batteries and knock-outs for the signal cable wiring as well as the power mains cable. The incorporated PSU provides a battery management system comprising low battery voltage detection and deep discharge protection to ensure that the battery is not permanently damaged through excessive discharge. Comprehensive protection is built-in as standard including mains transient filtering, electronic output overload protection and fuses on the load and battery outputs.
Peso lordo(KG) 4.538
Unità di acquisto PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 7330082004966
Ordine minimo 1
Paese d'origine SE
Peso netto 4.085
Codice materiale V54502-C163-A100
Codice statistico 84719000
Consumo di potenza: Without reader Idle: 12V DC: 200 mA 24V DC: 125 mA Full on without readers 12V DC: 600mA 24V DC: 400 mA
1520-VR20K 1520-VR20K
1520-VR50K 1520-VR50K
AMK 4 S G3 AMK 4 S G3