ASE5300-IN_SiPass Intrusion -Upg

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  • P24246-P2801-A1-E
Produktinformasjon "ASE5300-IN_SiPass Intrusion -Upg"
This licence SKU is used for upgrades to MP2.8 forward. SiPass integrated intrusion option license The intrusion module in SiPass integrated provides native intrusion detection functionality. When it is installed‚ motion detectors can be connected directly to SiPass integrated and the system can be used both as an access control system and an intrusion detection system. The same card readers are then used both for access control purposes and to turn the intrusion detection system on and off. Alternatively‚ in cases where a certified intrusion detection system is required‚ the intrusion module can be used to integrate a dedicated SPC* or Sintony 400 series intrusion control panel into a SiPass integrated system. It is also possible for existing Sintony 400 customers to use the SiPass integrated intrusion module to add a fully featured access control application to their suite of building management tools. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions‚ you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information. * With SiPass integrated MP 2.6 or higher
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Mindestabnahme 1
Opprinnelsesland AU
Materialkode P24246-P2801-A1-E
Netto vekt 0.000
Statistisk kode 49019900
ECCN 5D992