ASE5300-MF messaging MP2.8 +

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  • 6FL7820-8AE03-1L
Produktinformasjon "ASE5300-MF messaging MP2.8 +"
This licence SKU is used for MP2.8 forward. Providing security around the clock is a challenge for every facility. The high cost of employing security guards overnight is prohibitive, but the risks of potential security breaches when the site is unmanned are huge. The SiPass integrated message forwarding option solves this problem. The ASE5300-MF messaging allows the system to automatically send custom text messages to pagers*, mobile telephones* or by e-mail. Using the latest telecommunication technology, it is possible to notify key personnel, who may otherwise be absent from a premises, when security has been breached. This allows a timely and appropriate response to any alarm situation. ASE5300-MF software can also forward alarms and messages to the central controlling software of other SiPass integrated servers that reside on the same LAN/WAN. If a business with a SiPass integrated system is not manned, alarms can be automatically forwarded to a location with security operators who are monitoring SiPass integrated based activity. *Ask your service provider about compatibility. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions, you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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Materialkode 6FL7820-8AE03-1L
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Statistisk kode 49019900
ECCN 5D992
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