ASE5300-GT guard tour MP2.8 +

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  • 6FL7820-8AE25-1L
Product information "ASE5300-GT guard tour MP2.8 +"
This licence SKU is used for MP2.8 forward. Protecting your facility and those that occupy it is critical. Electrical equipment provides superior surveillance, but if unseen by intruders it is not a good deterrent. Guards provide a highly visual security component, and if used correctly provide an excellent intrusion deterrent. SiPass integrated Guard Tour conveniently integrates your access control and security network with a state-of-the-art electronic patrol verification system. Guard Tour uses the same infrastructure as the SiPass integrated system, be it card readers, biometric readers, or any other access or input device. Therefore, there is no need to install additional equipment to monitor guard patrols. In addition, a guard can be tracked as he/she patrols your site. The same device used to indicate his or her position in a tour is also used to unlock doors and turn on alarm systems. This enables guards to generate real-time duress alarms, without arousing suspicion. Guard Tour's advanced functionality allows you to customise tours, assign guards to specific or random tours, impose time constraints, and generate alarms when tour conditions have been breached. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions, you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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Material code 6FL7820-8AE25-1L
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ECCN 5D992
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