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FAT6A/7'Alarm'  Replacement paper FAT7 FAT6A/7'Alarm' Replacement paper FAT7
Replacement paper for FAT7 with "ALARM" printed on it.
EMK-AT6/8W  Housing for EMK46/48. surf. EMK-AT6/8W Housing for EMK46/48. surf.
EMK-AT6/8W Housing for EMK46/48. surf.
CARD-YO  Card holder YoYo CARD-YO Card holder YoYo
Small Yo-Yo type card holder with "friction" clip for the card
IR261  PIR motion detector IR261 PIR motion detector
A ceiling-mounted passive infrared detector providing 360 degrees of protection. The compact design; complete with neutral colours provides unobtrusive and flexible detection for most internal applications. Flexible and simple set up...
WMAG-I Wrls. Magnetic Contact w. input WMAG-I Wrls. Magnetic Contact w. input
The WMAG-I device is a wireless magnetic contact which is supported by the SPC system. The device activates by internal reed switch, but also supports the fitting of an additional wired detector. Firmware configurable features include...
WRMT Remote control w. 4 button WRMT Remote control w. 4 button
The WRMT is a multi-functional remote control that allows a user to interact with their SPC system. The device supports common functions such as Set, Unset and Partset as well as a user programmable output function and a SOS panic...
EV1040e  ACTpro EV1 Reader EV1040e ACTpro EV1 Reader
MIFARE DESFire EV1 cards are smartcards that contain memory that enable multiple applications to read and write data to and from the card. MIFARE DESFire EV1 card technology is highly secure and is widely used for access control,...
GM730  Seismic detector GM730 Seismic detector
The GM730 seismic detector offers an outstanding price/performance ratio with advanced functionality for the use in safes, ATMs, ticket machines, night deposit boxes, vaults and strongrooms. It is perfectly suited for protecting...
EMK46LSA-W4M  Instal.magn.cont.,white,4m EMK46LSA-W4M Instal.magn.cont.,white,4m
Recess mount magnetic contact suitable for doors and windows surveillance. High fuctional reliability through an integrained carrier board for the reed contact. For surface mounting the EMK-AT can be used.
SPCV340.000  Audio Exp. 4 Inp./1 Outp. SPCV340.000 Audio Exp. 4 Inp./1 Outp.
The SPCV340.000 Audio Expander extends the SPC system via X-BUS with an audio verification zone, 4 wired zones and 1 open collector output. The built in microphone and speaker allow pre- / post-event audio recording and live audio...
SPCK620.100-N Comfort KP, Neutr. SPCK620.100-N Comfort KP, Neutr.
SPC LCD keypad with graphical display/card reader and audio Vanderbilt`s SPCK620/SPCK623 keypad provides a simple intuitive interface to the SPC system. Optimised for multi area systems the keypad provides a detailed overview of system...
2 alkaen 93