Kone Integration License

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  • P54508-P120-A100
Product information "Kone Integration License"
Software license to enable Kone Integration into ACT Enterprise. Destination Operation Panels (DOP) are located outside the lift system. The user swipes their card against the reader located inside the panel and a message is passed to the Kone lift system with an appropriate information that causes the Kone DOP to signal which lift the user should use. In a hybrid system scenario some floors are equipped with DOPs (most likely entrance floors), and some of the floors have traditional up/down call buttons. The Vanderbilt ACT Enterprise Kone integration supports “DCS basic and extended traditional feature set” “DCS basic and extended hybrid feature sets” “turnstile integration feature set”. See Kone documentation for more details. Destination Operation Panel DOP Car Operating Panel COP Destination Control System DCS
1500-VR50K 1500-VR50K

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