4101-3 Modular Controller MK3

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  • VGBI:50-560
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Product information "4101-3 Modular Controller MK3"
The 4101-3 can control up to eight reading heads or readers‚ TCP/IP‚ RF module‚ memory expansions and comms module are all available "onboard" rather than as separate add-ons. The integrated Cotag technology enables the most cost-effective hands-free solution on the market‚ with a proximity reading range of up to 40 cm and a hands-free reading range of up to 100 cm. Granta provides a powerful‚ integrated input/output functionality called CLIC (Configurable Logical Input/output Control). CLIC enables intelligent monitoring and control of third-party systems and goes far beyond the simple alarm-handling features of many other systems. Granta hardware employs a robust RS485 communication protocol to ensure the integrity of data from the software to the controllers and from the controllers to the software. Alternatively‚ Granta systems can be built using a TCP/IP network‚ dial-up modems (including GSM) or via a combination of all three communication methods within the same system for complete flexibility.