ISRW6-12T Orange wl. outdoor siren

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  • V54538-F103-A300
  • 4025515474203
Produktinformasjon "ISRW6-12T Orange wl. outdoor siren"
The Intrunet outdoor siren communicates wirelessly thanks to an extension of the SiWay protocol named Si2Way. This communication protocol allows Si2Way components not only to send information to the control panel, but also to receive commands from the panel. The siren comes with an embedded Si2Way radio module and owerful standard batteries ensuring a long maintenace cycles. The activation of the siren can be either time limited or disabled if required by the application. In addition to the powerful acoustic signal (100 dF at 1 m), an integrated light strobe flashes up siren activation. The siren is delivered in orange..
Bruttovekt (KG) 1.16
Kjøp enhet PCE
EAN/UPC Strekkode: 4025515474203
Mindestabnahme 1
Netto vekt 1.102
Materialkode V54538-F103-A300
Statistisk kode 85311030
Opprinnelsesland IL
Air humidity (EN 60721): < 95% rH (sans condensation)
Colour: Orange
Storage temperature: -20 ~ +80 °C
Operating temperature: -20 ~ +70 °C
Sound level: Siren: 100 dB @ 1.00 m
Battery: ER34615M 3.6V, 14 Ah, D size
Housing protection (EN 60529): IP54
Color: Orange
SiPass SUR SiPass SUR
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