ASE5300-CB CCTV interface

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  • 6FL7820-8AE26
Produktinformasjon "ASE5300-CB CCTV interface"
SiPass integrated video surveillance offers an interface to a number of video surveillance systems. The settings and configurations for cameras and monitors are directly made from the SiPass integrated system. The image sequences can be displayed from the SiPass integrated graphical user interface (GUI) or a standard CCTV monitor. Using the event control function, camera sequences can be programmed, which are then started automatically with a specific system event. This optional module allows you to upgrade your SiPass integrated client to a video surveillance workstation. Supported matrix switchers: Pelco 9760 Pelco 9740 Pelco CM6700 Pelco CM6800 To order the SiPass integrated software extensions, you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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Materialkode 6FL7820-8AE26
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