ASE5300-ME Mifare encoding MP2.8 +

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  • 6FL7820-8AE20-1L
Produktinformasjon "ASE5300-ME Mifare encoding MP2.8 +"
This licence SKU is used for MP2.8 forward. In many cases it is convenient to be able to use ID cards not only for access control but also for other applications. By using the SiPass Mifare encoding option, cards used for other applications, such as cashless payment for goods or food within company facilities, for example, can also be used for access control. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions, you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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Opprinnelsesland AU
Materialkode 6FL7820-8AE20-1L
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Statistisk kode 49019900