acre INT Milestone License 5 Panels

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  • V54549-P122-A100
Informazione prodotto "acre INT Milestone License 5 Panels"
The acre Intrusion Milestone Plugin allows the system operator to visualize acre Intrusion system elements and perform actions on the acre Intrusion system. The connection is based on secure and bi-directional IP communication. The Milestone VMS supports to store site maps on which the indication elements and command elements can be placed. The license includes the software plugin (download link see below) which supports up to 5 connected acre Intrusion systems incl. 1 year support and software updates. The following video is an illustration of the supported functionality. A 30-day trial version of the plug-in can be downloaded via the following link, which supports the connection of up to 2 SPC systems. For more information on the Milestone VMS systems, please contact Milestone directly.
Unità di acquisto PCE
Ordine minimo 1
Paese d'origine SE
Codice materiale V54549-P122-A100
Peso netto 0.000
Codice statistico 49019900
Software ACTpro Software ACTpro
OPC client MP2.8 + OPC client MP2.8 +
OPC server MP2.8 + OPC server MP2.8 +