GMAS6 Dispositivo di fissaggio

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  • VBPZ:4886060001
  • 4025515469575
Product information "GMAS6 Dispositivo di fissaggio"
The GMAS6 movable mounting kit is used in conjunction with GM7xx seismic detectors to monitor safe and strong room doors. When the system is armed, the seismic detector protects the monitored object against thermal and mechanical attacks as well as unauthorized opening. The movable mounting kit consists of 3 plates: • A detector plate permanently fitted to the detector and incorporating a micro-switch and magnetic contact • A door plate located on the door of the monitored object • A rest plate located on the side of the monitored object The seismic detector can be either positioned on the door plate (night time operation / armed position) or on the rest plate (day time operation / unarmed position). In addition, the door plate can also be used to monitor flush fitting keyholes.
Gross weight (KG) 0.44
Purchase unit PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 4025515469575
Minimum order 1
Material code VBPZ:4886060001
Net weight 0.400
Statistical code 85319000
Country of origin CH
MK-4400  Cont. Mag.,G2 MK-4400 Cont. Mag.,G2
MK-4700  Cont. Mag.,G3 MK-4700 Cont. Mag.,G3
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