SPCN340.000 GSM (4G) Module incl Antenna

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  • V54550-B102-A300
  • 7330082005550
Product information "SPCN340.000 GSM (4G) Module incl Antenna"
The SPCN340.000 GSM (4G) module can be assigned to any mobile network by the insertion of a standard SIM card. The modem is compatible with the complete range of SPC panels and plugs directly on the main PCB. The unit comes with an external antenna. The modem communicates with an alarm receiving centre (ARC) using common analogue protocols (SIA, Contact ID) or IP based protocols (EDP,FlexC) over 2G/4G (min. FW3.11). It also supports remote access capabilities for programming and configuration up-/download. The SMS feature allows user/engineer to send a predefined text when selected events occur in the system or receiving of predefined SMS commands for security system control. The GSM modem can be used as the primary path of communication or as backup to the PSTN modem or IP communication.
Gross weight (KG) 0.126
Purchase unit PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 7330082005550
Minimum order 1
Statistical code 85311030
Material code V54550-B102-A300
Net weight 0.056
Country of origin PH
ECCN 3A991
PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector
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PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector