BS-8320 Motor driven blocking device

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  • N24244-Z5050-A1
  • 4025515475927
Product information "BS-8320 Motor driven blocking device"
Prevents unintended opening of doors
Gross weight (KG) 0.34
Purchase unit PCE
EAN/UPC-Code: 4025515475927
Minimum order 1
Statistical code 85311030
Net weight 0.340
Material code N24244-Z5050-A1
Country of origin DE
Dimensions (W x H x D): 20 x 175 x 28 (mm)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 135 x 19 x 28 (mm) Edelstahlstulp: 175 x 20 x 2 (mm)
Quiescent current: 6.4mA
Operating temperature: -25°C...+60°C
Current consumption: Closing operation: ca. 60 mA Blocking: ca. 120 mA
Supply voltage: 9 ~ 15 VDC
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Operating current: 80mA
Cable length: LiYDY 9 x 0,14mm², 3.5m
Approval: VDS Klasse C: G196089 ohne Benutzung des integrierten Magnetschalters, VDS Klasse B: G197541 mit Benutzung des integrierten Magnetschalters.
Current consumption, quiescent: 5 mA
Housing protection: IP43
Storage temperature: -40 ~ +70°C
PDM-I12  PIR detector PDM-I12 PIR detector
MK 48 S G3 MK 48 S G3