ASE5300-AI Apogee Interface

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  • P24246-P2800-B1
Product information "ASE5300-AI Apogee Interface"
The APOGEE interface allows you to monitor alarms raised in the SiPass integrated system directly from your APOGEE Insight Workstation‚ and also acknowledge these alarms from that same workstation without switching systems. This same concept also extends to the monitoring of point states. As a point state in the SiPass integrated system changes‚ it is communicated to the APOGEE system and can be viewed by the APOGEE operator. This leads to reduced training costs and provides an increase in productivity through assimilated learning of a single environment. It also reduces the chance of error‚ as the operator only needs to concentrate on one interface to effectively manage two complex systems. When a cardholder badges an access card at a reader configured for access control‚ the same action can also be linked to the APOGEE system. This allows a cardholder to automatically activate a “Notification Zone”. A notification zone allows building comfort system components to be turned on that relate directly to the cardholder. For example‚ lighting all the areas that lead to the cardholder’s workspace and turning on the air conditioning in the cardholder’s section of the office. Combine this with the powerful OPC A&E client option available in SiPass integrated and OPC Server in the APOGEE system and you can now achieve bi-directional flow of data. This allows both systems to communicate with each other and operators of either system to monitor alarms regardless of the workstation they are using. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions‚ you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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