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  • V24246-C7900-A1
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Product information "BM3 BEWACOM DOOR PHONE"
BM3 is a smart and cost-efficient Bewacom door entry phone that connects to a company’s existing PABX internal telephone system in just the same way as any other extension in that system. The BM3 makes it possible to unlock the main entrance door, for example, via the press of a button at any of the telephone extensions that are connected to the company’s internal telephone system. Installation is fast and easy with minimal cabling required. The BM3 also has a built-in codelock with four codes, two of which can be set so that they are only valid during certain times of the day or week. The major advantage of the codelock function is that it allows you to set codes that employees or special visitors can use to enter the building, rather than having to call someone who is already inside to buzz them in. The BM3 also includes a tamper switch and an output for camera control. The tamper switch is very useful in that it can be used together with the SK5 security unit to eliminate the possibility of opening the lock by using battery power directly on the lock cables. A video surveillance camera can be connected to BM3 via its output for camera control. The BM3 can trigger the camera to start filming as soon as a visitor pushes a call button on the BM3, for example. This video can either be viewed on a connected monitor directly by the person who picks up the call (the receptionist, for example), or it can simply be saved in the video surveillance log and viewed later, if required.