GM710 Capteur sismique

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  • V54534-F106-A100
  • 4025515469629
Informations sur le produit "GM710 Capteur sismique"
The GM710 seismic detector is specifically designed for cost-sensitive applications on steel and reliably detects break-in attempts with mechanical and thermal attack tools. Intelligent signal processing enables the level of detection sensitivity to be custom-set, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms. The anti-tamper for the detector cover will detect opening of the detector, and the anti-tamper on the back of the detector will detect forcible removal. Vanderbilt`s powerful GM7xx- series is the result of over 45 years engineering experience in the field of seismic detectors. Our products are specifically designed for round-the-clock monitoring of safes, ATMs, strong rooms or any other environment with a high concentration of valuable assets or dangerous goods. All known types of intruder attacks generate unique vibration patterns. Their characteristic values such as timing, frequency and amplitude are detected and analysed using Vanderbilt`s patented Senstec® technology. This technology also ensures that environmental disturbances are ignored, and false alarms eliminated.
Poids brut (KG) 0.26
Unité d\'achat PCE
code EAN/UPC: 4025515469629
Réception minimum 1
Code statistique 85311030
Code de matériau V54534-F106-A100
Poids net 0.247
Pays d'origine HU
Dimensions (W x H x D): 89 x 89 x 22 (mm)
Consommation: 2.5 mA (rms) 3.5 mA (max. peak)
Réglage par DIP Switchs: 4 levels fixed
Certification: UL, CCC, RCM, PD6662
Poids: 0.285 kg
Relais de sortie d'alarme: Opens on alarm, 30 VDC / 100 mA
Alimentation : 8 - 16 VDC (12 V nominal)
Protection du coffret (EN 60529): IP43
Température de fonctionnement: -40°C ~ +70°C