SPCK623.100-N Clav.cnf,aud/lec.bdg,neut.

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  • V54543-F111-B100
  • 7330082000326
Informations sur le produit "SPCK623.100-N Clav.cnf,aud/lec.bdg,neut."
SPC LCD keypad with graphical display/card reader and audio Vanderbilt`s SPCK620/SPCK623 keypad provides a simple intuitive interface to the SPC system. Optimised for multi area systems the keypad provides a detailed overview of system status. Key Features include: Powerful menu structure The LCD display, soft keys, and multi-dimensional navigation key is ideal to operate large systems or single areas in a user friendly way. Cause and effect integration Integrated Card reader (SPCK623 only) Can be used for authorization without code for ease of access or with code for higher security. Easy configuration Can be configured from the keypad or SPC Web interface. The comfort keypad is ideal to operate single and multi-area applications in a user friendly way. The soft keys and the multi-dimensional navigation key provide an easy to use system with minimum operational steps. Customer logo, emergency or quick set functions can be displayed in idle state.
Poids brut (KG) 0.56
Unité d\'achat PCE
code EAN/UPC: 7330082000326
Réception minimum 1
Code de matériau V54543-F111-B100
Poids net 0.400
Code statistique 85311030
Pays d'origine PH
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ND100  Bouton alarme ND100 Bouton alarme