ISRW6-12TX Sirena inal. naranja t.ª baja

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  • S54538-S101-A200
Información del producto "ISRW6-12TX Sirena inal. naranja t.ª baja"
The outdoor siren communicates wireless with the control panel. The Si2Way protocol allows not only to send information, but also to receive commands from the panel. The siren is delivered with an embedded Si2Way radio module and a powerful battery to ensure long maintenace cycles. The activation of the siren can either be time limited or disabled by the application, if required. In addition to the powerful acoustic signal (100dB at 1m), an integrated light strobe flashes when the siren is activated. The siren is delivered in orange. This siren is delivered with an additional battery, which is less sensitive to temperatures below zero.
Peso Bruto (Kg) 0.1
Unidad de compra PCE
Compra mínima 1
Material code S54538-S101-A200
Bateria: LSH20 Lithium battery 3.6V, 13Ah, D size (added) ER34615M 3.6V, 14Ah, D size (built-in)
Color: Orange
Temperatura de almacenamiento: -20 ~ +80°C
Temperatura de operación: -20 ~ +70°C
Carcasa de protección (EN 60529): IP54
Nivel de sonido: 100dB at 1m