0911 Active Cotag Tag unprog. (1pc)

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  • VGBI:51-600
  • 4025515474944
Produkt information "0911 Active Cotag Tag unprog. (1pc)"
The 0911/0911-P is an active tag that includes a lithium battery which enables it to provide hands-free functionality when it is used together with Cotag hands-free readers. For example, the combination of the 0911/0911-P tag and the HF500 reader results in a reading range of approximately 85 cm. The reading range when the 0911/0911-P is used in combination with Cotag proximity readers varies from approximately 9 to 25 cm. 0911/0911-P tags are particularly useful in environments where some cardholders are disabled or often have their hands full (i.e. a hospital or warehouse) One of the major advantages of Cotag technology is that active and passive cards can be mixed in the same system to provide ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency.
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Købs Enhed PCE
EAN/UPC-Kode: 4025515474944
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Statistisk kode 85235200
Materialekode VGBI:51-600
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Oprindelsesland PH
Delivery unit: 1
Colour: Black
Dimensions (W x H x D): 31.24 x 49.89 x 9.7 (mm)
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