ASE5300-VA SiPass DVR API MP2.8 +

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  • P24246-P2804-A1-L
Produkt information "ASE5300-VA SiPass DVR API MP2.8 +"
This licence SKU is used for MP2.8 forward. Using the DVR API, almost any generic DVR unit can become part of a SiPass integrated system. Many DVR management features are available, such as live image viewing, event-activated recording, image verification, and full PTZ camera movement. Note: To facilitate seamless communication between the DVR API and SiPass integrated, a small amount of software development is required for the third-party application. With the aid of the SiPass integrated DVR API Development Guide, this task is relatively simple for a software engineer. To order the SiPass integrated software extensions, you must first complete a software license order form. Please contact your SiPass integrated supplier for further information.
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